Tasmania University Union – Your Student Life

We are here to help you... The Tasmania University Union Inc. (TUU) is the peak body of student representation for tertiary students attending the University of Tasmania.

Established in 1899, the TUU represented only southern students for much of its history, but in 2008 it amalgamated the Student Association in the north of the state, now encompassing the entire university. The TUU holds annual elections from which students are elected to positions within the Union’s Student Representative Council (SRC) and/or Board of Management (BoM), with positions in both the North and the South.

The TUU is jointly governed by the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Board of Management. The BoM oversees the basic operations of the TUU, controls its operating activities, is responsible for employing relevant staff, controls the budgets of the Union, and acts as the highest point of review for the entire Union, including the SRC.[1] The SRC focuses more on the everyday aspects of student life, particularly educational and welfare advocacy and hosting various events and activities.

The TUU provides a wide range of services to students. These services currently include:

  • Providing student representation, protecting student rights, and participating in university governance.
  • Offering independent student advocates.
  • Hosting events and concerts.
  • Facilitating the operation of TUU-affiliated student clubs and societies.
  • Publishing student-produced media, such as the TUU student magazine, Togatus.

Our Sandy Bay facilities include:

  • Student Representatives
  • Parenting room
  • Women’s room
  • Queer space
  • Kitchen  & microwaves
  • Meeting rooms
  • Study spaces
  • Contact Centre
  • Uni WIFI

Our Newnham Campus facilities include:

  • Student Representatives
  • Meeting rooms
  • Contact Centre
  • Parenting room

Cradle Coast

  • Student Representatives

You don’t have to join the TUU; as a student of the University of Tasmania you are automatically entitled to access all our services.
If you’d like to get more involved, keep an eye out for your student reps at one of our regular on-campus events, and say hello.