TUU Strategic Review

The Tasmania University Union have released the full Strategic Review as well as an Executive Summary which you may read below.

We are seeking student feedback and input on the findings of the Strategic Review and invite every student to share their thoughts and ideas with us on our feedback page.


Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the TUU.

Members of the BoM consists of:

  • TUU President
  • TUU Postgraduate President
  • TUU Campus President North
  • Three positions appointed by the University (by reason of their skills and expertise)
  • Chair appointed by the University (in a non-voting capacity, but who may have a casting vote)

Currently members are:

  • Sophie Muller (Chair; University of Tasmania Representative)
  • Michael Stoddart (University of Tasmania Representative)
  • Jo Willsmore (University of Tasmania Representative)
  • Margaret Otlowski (University of Tasmania Representative)
  • Sharifah Syed-Rohan (TUU State President)
  • Ali Ghahremanlou (Postgraduate President)
  • Dillon Ong (TUU Campus President North)
  • Jennifer Hart  (Secretary)
  • Ingrid Lagerewskij  (Minutes Secretary)