Student Complaints

It takes courage sometimes to speak up. Our advocacy on your behalf is confidential.

Code of Conduct for Teaching and Learning

The code of Conduct for Teaching and Learning is worthwhile reading, particularly if you feel that the code has not been upheld. It sets out the responsibility of the University to Students as well as the responsibility of students. Click Here

How do I know that I won’t be marked down, or be treated less favourably in the University if I do complain?
The University is committed to ensuring that a student may lodge a complaint without fear of disadvantage. We take your concerns and complaints seriously, and will endeavour to treat them seriously, impartially and to resolve them as quickly as possible.

How bad does it have to be in order for me to complain?
There is no “rule” saying how bad an issue or concern has to be for you to be able to raise it within the University. You can raise concerns at any time. Don’t worry about how “bad” or “not so bad” the situation is, more importantly how it is affecting you personally. If an issue or concern is causing you stress, making it more difficult to focus on your studies, you feel that you don’t have enough support for your studies or other issues affecting your study, or you are uncomfortable dealing with certain staff in the University (like your lecturer, tutor or anyone else) these are clear signs that there is a problem. Obviously it would be better for you (and your studies!) if the problem could be resolved. Issues can often be dealt with in an informal manner. Student Advocates are often able to assist in communicating with your faculty on your behalf, to resolve issues that may arise from time to time.

I’ve decided that I want to complain. What do I do now?
See a TUU Student Advocate! We can help you with anything to do with complaints. Everything you tell us will remain confidential unless you give us permission to talk to anyone about your issues of concern / complaint. We will not do anything or contact anyone unless you give us permission.

TUU Advocates can:
help you figure out exactly what your complaint is about and how you want the issues and concerns resolved advise you on what you can do about the issues or concerns you are unhappy with, or for more information on who you can see about a particular issue, see Click Here set up meetings with staff and accompany you to them as your support person assist you with writing down your complaint and preparing supporting documents for informal meetings with the appropriate University staff assist you with making a formal complaint and come with you to the formal complaint meetings as your support person help you determine if you can appeal a decision you are not happy with.
When you come and see us, it will be helpful if you can tell us as much information as possible about the issue/ problem. For example, what the main things you are not happy about are, who you have talked to about it already, what you would like to see happen, any obstacles you have struck or anticipate coming across in putting forward your complaint. We like to get to the crux of the matter quickly and see what the best way to resolve it might be, so that you may get on with your study. It is also useful for us to know if you have attempted to resolve the issue informally with people within the University and have been unsuccessful.

How much time do I have? How soon must I complain?
If you want to try to resolve a complaint yourself, informally, with the relevant people in the University, or even if you want to make a formal complaint, there is no specific rule saying when you must start to raise the issue or complaint. It is much easier for an issue or concern to be resolved if it is brought up as soon as it happens or as soon as you become aware that it is causing problems for you. If you make a formal complaint under Ordinance 8 – Student Complaints, there is a clear procedure the University follows to deal with it and you can expect a response from the appropriate person or body of people (decision-maker) within a specific time. For more information see the UTAS Student Complaints page Click Here It has all sorts of other good information for students, so we encourage you to read the whole page if you are thinking of complaining. Some students have found this Complaints Flowchart useful as it gives a quick overview of Ordinance 8

What are my chances of success?
We cannot tell you how successful you will be in having the issues or concerns resolved. This depends on a large number of things. However it is important that concerns are raised, as it can often not only improve university life for you, but also for others.

Who can help me from here?
TUU Student Advocates can help you with anything to do with complaints, or any other problem you have with your studies, finances or University life.

Contact us: Hobart: 6226 2855
Launceston & Sydney: (03) 6324 3776
Cradle Coast: 6430 4936  or click on the contact us button and choose Student Advice & Advocacy