Learning Support

Utas provides some special programs to assist students while studying.

Go to: www.learningsupport.utas.edu.au for more information.

Special Accommodations – if your health/disability is affecting your studies it may be worthwhile talking to a Disability Advisor, who will assist you to identify options for reducing the impact of your condition on your study. Visit www.utas.edu.au/students/shw/disability for more information.


Assignments/Essay Writing

There are many resources available to you at Utas to assist with your essay writing. You will find further information on Critical Thinking, Academic Reading and other useful hints at: http://www.learningsupport.utas.edu.au/Resources.htm


Each school has different criteria for extensions. Your unit outline should explain this process or seek assistance from your Tutor or Lecturer.


This is extremely important. Referencing systems differ and you must ensure you use the correct style for your unit. For more useful information on referencing styles go to: http://www.learningsupport.utas.edu.au/Resources/referencing.htm


You may need to make alternative arrangements for sitting exams, you may be ill, you may need to defer. For information to assist in revising for exams and sitting the exam

Review of Assessment

If you are unhappy with your results, you have the opportunity to request a review, within 10 days of results being announced. This link will take you to the relevant form:


If you experience difficulty in accessing any of the above information, visit your TUU Student Advocate for assistance.