If you want access to great library resources the TUU can help

Join ULANZ to gain access to many great libraries in your area including USYD, UNSW, UTS, UWS, UOW and Macquarie to name just a few.

All you need to do is to take your UTAS student ID to the library of your choice, plus proof of enrolment.  You may need to pay up to $55 for membership.

The good news is that the TUU will reimburse you from a successful TUU SSAF initiative.

It is a good idea to join at the library of your choice during business hours or give them a call first to ensure they have all the information you need. Each library has its own rules and conditions.  If you want to join more than one library, then you will have to join each one individually, however the TUU will only reimburse ONE membership.

To claim back your ULANZ membership fee, simply pick up a reimbursement application from your school reception or download below.  Attach your  original ULANZ receipt, and go to your school office where they will confirm your ID and submit your form.

A TUU initiative resourced by SSAF