Bert’s Financial Tips: Keeping Warm

Published 30 May 2017

Keep warm this Winter without breaking the bank.

Our Financial Counsellor Bert Aperloo shares his tips on how to stay warm over the cold Winter months while saving energy and keeping those bills from skyrocketing. Bert is our TUU Financial Counsellor and is available for telephone or face to face appointment to discuss any financial issues you may be having. See the Financial Counselling page for more information or to set up an appointment.

Don’t overheat rooms – use thermometer to heat them to 20o

Did you know that by heating your house by an extra 1oC can add 10-15% to the cost of heating your home? Use a thermometer to make sure you’re heating areas, where you spend most time, to around 20oC, or whatever is comfortable for your family.  If the thermometer shows it’s too hot, turn the heater down and save money!

Close doors to unused areas and only heat occupied areas

Why pay to heat rooms that you are not using?  You can reduce energy consumption by heating only the areas that you use.  With ducted heating you can close up to 10% of vents (more if you have ‘zone’ settings).  Also, consider installing vent deflectors on heating ducts located underneath windows to prevent heat loss.

Turn off heaters whilst out of the house and overnight

Did you know that it’s cheaper to turn the heating off rather than leaving the heating running whilst out?  Think about whether you’d leave the kettle boiling whilst you were away from the house so that you could have a cup of tea when you got home? Use plug-in timers for portable heaters or set programmable thermostats to set the right times for the heating to come on and off.

Seal draughts

Close air conditioning vents in winter to prevent the loss of heat from your home.  Use weather strips to seal gaps under doors and use foam sealing tape to seal the gaps around door frames.  Also check that unused fireplaces are blocked off. Most homes have gaps around doors and windows equivalent in size to a basketball – think about how much heat can escape through a hole this big!

Use the fan on your heater on high

The fan on your heater uses very little energy but by using it on high it will help better circulate heat around your home, keeping you warmer.

Close curtains

In winter, most of the heat loss from your home will be through windows lacking curtains or blinds. Close curtains to help prevent the loss of heat from your home.  If buying new curtains remember that the heavier the curtain the better it will be at providing insulation for your home.  Also, trim back vegetation covering windows so that the sun can help heat your home for free!

Use the winter setting on ceiling fans

It may sound strange but ceiling fans can be used in winter to push heat back down to the ground, helping to keep you warmer.