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To enable the grants to be discussed by the Executive, and then the recommendations tabled at the following Societies Council meetings, the following cut-off dates for grants will apply:

Grant Round Application Close-off Date Executive Meeting (TBD) Societies Council Meeting
#1 Tuesday 24th Mar Monday 30th Mar Monday 6th Apr
#2 Tuesday 14th Apr Monday 27th Apr Monday 4th May
#3 Tuesday 19th May Monday 25th May Monday 13th Jul
#4 Tuesday 30th Jun Monday 6th Jul Monday 13th Jul
#5 Tuesday 28th Jul Monday 3rd Aug Monday 10th Aug
#6 Tuesday 25th Aug Monday 31st Aug Monday 7th Sep
#7 Tuesday 22nd Sep Monday 28th Sep Monday 5th Oct


Societies execs, your Society listing on the TUU website:

  • Is it current?
  • Do you have a listing at all?
    • If you don’t have a listing send through the info
  • See the Advertisement and Promotion Resources at the bottom of this page for ways you can promote your society.

Societies Council Meetings 2020

SOCIETIES COUNCIL MEETINGS 2020 will be held via video on Sandy Bay campus, IMAS, the TUU Boardroom, Newnham and Cradle Coast campus (venues TBC) at 6:00pm.

• Monday, 2 March
• Monday, 6 April
• Monday, 4 May
• Monday, 13 July
• Monday, 10 August
• Monday, 7 September
• Monday, 5 October

All societies must have a delegate at the Council meetings. If you are unable to attend the meeting please email the Societies Officer before meeting as only written/emailed apologies will be accepted.

Societies Council Awards 2019

The Tasmania University Union Societies Awards celebrate and showcase the outstanding contribution that student societies make to your uni life. The Awards recognise and encourage students who demonstrate the commitment required to run a successful society.

Key Dates:

  • 1 September: Nominations Open
  • 22 September: Nominations Close
  • 23-27 September: Judging takes place

Society Information

Online Forms

Governance Documents & Templates

TUU Logo & Style Guide

Advertisement and Promotion Resources

The TUU can help promote your Society through our social channels and other digital avenues. See below for resources around advertising and promotion. If your Society is looking to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, reach out to the UTAS Sustainability Team at for tips and information on how to achieve this.