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Information and resources for new and existing TUU societies. All society grant and affiliation forms are now submitted online.

Societies Grants close off dates for 2017

To enable the grants to be discussed by the Executive, and the recommendations tabled at the following Societies Council meetings, the following close off dates for grants will apply:

Grant Round Close off date – 12 Noon Executive Meeting Societies Council Meeting
2 Thursday 27 Apr Wednesday 3 May Monday 8 May
3 Thursday 6 Jul Wednesday 12 Jul Monday 17 Jul
4 Thursday 3 Aug Wednesday 9 Aug Monday 14 Aug
5 Thursday 31 Aug Wednesday 6 Sep Monday 11 Sep
6 Thursday 28 Sep Wednesday 4 Oct Monday 9 Oct

Should there be funds still remaining after all claims have been finalised then another round of grant applications may be considered.

Societies execs, your Society listing on the TUU website:

  • Is it current?
  • Do you have a listing at all?
    • If you don’t have a listing send through the info
  • See the Advertisement and Promotion Resources at the bottom of this page for ways you can promote your society.

Societies Council Meetings 2017

SOCIETIES COUNCIL MEETINGS 2017 will be held via video in the Social Science Room 209 Sandy Bay campus & the TUU Boardroom, Newnham at 6:00pm

• Monday, 6 March
• Monday, 10 April
• Monday, 8 May
• Monday, 17 July
• Monday, 14 August
• Monday, 11 September
• Monday, 9 October

All societies must have a delegate at the Council meetings. If you are unable to attend the meeting please email the Societies Officer before meeting as only written/emailed apologies will be accepted.

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