Societies Council Awards Nomination Form

The Tasmania University Union Societies Awards celebrate and showcase the outstanding contribution that student societies make to your uni life. The Awards recognise and encourage students who demonstrate the commitment required to run a successful society.
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  • Section A: Constituent/Cultural/Interest-Based/Community-Based Society of the Year

    N B: Societies may only apply for an award under ONE of these headings (that is, Constituent OR Cultural OR Interest-Based OR Community-Based). See Eligibility and Criterion to determine which award your society is best suited to.
  • Please provide details, where applicable, regarding a) the approximate length of each activity or event b) the number of times an activity was repeated c) how the event or activity was advertised d) the approximate reach or participation of this activity Examples 1. Careers Guide a) launch event, society's print newsletter, faculty email b) reach: all Law Students 2. Recycling Campaign a) 3 weeks b) posters, Society Facebook page, stall at Morris Miller c) reach: hundreds of students at Sandy Bay Campus 3· Robotics Workshop a) 2 hours per workshop b) 6 workshops c) email to members, Society Facebook page d) 10 people per workshop
  • E.g. What have you done to make your society work better? Do you have a lot more members than last year? Are more people coming to your events? Are you getting more positive feedback on your work?
  • Example 1. Fund-raised a total of $2500 for various causes. 2. Doubled membership. 3· Held the best cocktail party ever! Sold out of tickets. 4· Our team won the shield at a national event 5· Held a successful forum for the community
  • Section B: 5. Academic Award

  • Section B: 6. Environmental Award

  • Section B: 7. Best Promotional Material

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  • Section B: 8. Best Collaboration

  • Section B: 9. Most Improved Society

  • Your responses to previous questions will ALSO be used to assess your nomination.
  • Section C: Individual Awards

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  • TUU Community Event of the Year Award