If you are planning to have a stall or event on university property, you will need to obtain a permit to do so. Depending on what type of stall / event you are having, you may need to complete several forms.

These pages are designed to streamline the application process and to ensure that your stall / event complies with all regulations.

Types of stall / event

Food stall / BBQ

Where food is involved, you will need to adhere to the TUU/ HCC Food handling guidelines.  The TUU operates  an annual food permit, that allows SRC and Clubs & Societies to operate bbqs and foods stalls on University property within the Hobart City boundaries.

As an authorised user of this permit, you must adhere to “Food Preparation and Handling Guidelines”  

Follow the steps below

Step 1 – Stall Permit

Step 2 – Food

Step 4 – Hire Store Form

Barrel or other licensed event

When alcohol becomes involved, there are few more steps that have to be taken, in order to comply with both government regulations and University by-laws.

You will need to complete:

Step 1 – Stall Permit

Step 2 – Food

Or Launceston City Council Temporary Food Business application. Download this form, complete  and submit to the Launceston City Council.

Step 3 – Alcohol

Step 4 – Hire Store Form

Information booth

No matter where or which  campus, you will need to request a permit, go straight to

Step 1

Step 4 – Hire Store Form