Please read the rules and regulations below carefully before submitting your form

Clubs and Societies Day will be held for TUU affiliated Sporting Clubs and Societies at Sandy Bay TUU Ref Steps/Car Park on Wednesday 27th February 2019 from 2:00 – 5:30pm.

A Department of Treasury & Finance Liquor Licence for the whole area will be completed by the TUU. Buses will be provided from French Street on a loop during the event (Details and times will be confirmed)


These rules are a statutory requirement of the Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990.

– It is an offence to sell, serve, supply or allow the supply of alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 years. You personally could be fined up to $7,700 and the licencee could be fined $15,400. If you are unsure or doubtful you are obliged to ask for ID.

– It is an offence to sell, serve, supply or allow supply of alcohol to anyone who appears to be drunk. You personally could be fined up to $7,700. Licenced premises are private property; as an alcohol server you have the right to refuse service to anybody.

See the Treasury website below for a list of RSA training providers in Tasmania.


1. Any persons serving alcohol on a stall must hold an RSA certificate and be wearing the authorised TUU wristband.

2. No glass is allowed – only cans and plastic.

3. No more than 2 alcoholic drinks per membership are to be given out.


5. No closed drinks are to be served.

6. Under no circumstances are large signs/placards advertising alcohol to be displayed. There will be a zero tolerance policy on this.

7. Stall users must not serve alcohol before 3:30pm or after 5:30pm.

8. You will need to complete a Temporary Stall Application Form before the 15th of February.

9. If your stall is serving food, local guidelines must be followed and an application made for a food stall certificate. Both are available online at

10. If your stall is serving alcohol you must apply for a University Liquor Permit (at least 3 weeks before event) at

11. If you require anything from the TUU Hire Store on the day, you will need to fill in a Hire Store booking form at This form needs to be filled in and emailed to & by 20th February 2019.

12. Ensure that all your stall’s rubbish is placed in the bags supplied/bins located against the fence in the TUU carpark (This includes cardboard cartons). Please leave your area tidy!

13. Stall users must clear area ASAP at 5:30pm.

There will be no warnings given. If you disobey any TUU rules or licencing requirements, your Club/Society will be required to stop serving and leave immediately.

Clubs and Societies Day Booking Form 2019

Please fill in this form and submit no later than 5:00pm Friday 15th February 2019 if your Society wishes to attend Clubs and Societies Day.
    Please refer to Rule 10 above as you will need to apply for a University Liquor permit if serving alcohol.
    Let us know if you are planning to provide food on your stall on the day. Refer to rule 9 above for the link to the food permit form. Please provide more details in the Additional Information box below.
    Let us know which area you'd like to have your stall in.
  • I, the above person have read and understood the rules for Responsible Serving of Alcohol for Clubs and Societies Day and will abide by them.
  • If you require a certain area, please specify so we can make proper trestle allocations (eg. wet/dry area preference, planned BBQ/hot food, displays, demonstrations etc.) Please give details of any food/drink you would like to serve and if you need access to power or are bringing a gazebo (3x3m maximum)
    Please tick off each relevant form you have completed below.