Cradle Coast Events

Published 18 August 2016

This week’s events on the Cradle Coast Campus

August 17th

This week on Cradle Coast campus we have been busy busy busy!

We have celebrated “Blue stocking week” – which supports women in higher education. Most of us wore blue in some way or another and some actually wore blue stockings, even Mumford got in on the action. What better way to celebrate than with a pizza lunch, which was enjoyed by all.

August 16th

RSPCA Cupcake day.

One of our awesome students Kylie generously donates her time and cooking expertise to create gorgeous cupcakes every year. This year Kylie wanted UTAS students to feel the love and that she did. We had four dozen handmade, delicious cupcakes to devour and that we did. Kylie and the Cradle Coast students raised $102 for this great cause.

Huge thankyou to Kylie and to the students for their support. TUU are ALWAYS happy to support ideas and encourage this more.

If you have an idea/event come and have a chat!

A reminder that candidate nominations for all Cradle Coast positions CLOSE on 26th August, GET YOUR NOMINATION IN AS SOON AS YOU CAN. There has been lots of discussion between students and a bit of banter.

I have had some brilliant feedback with the TUU’s refreshment centre, which is available to all students, so when you are cramming the 2am’s here on campus, don’t forget your caffeine fix, compliments of the TUU.

Students honesty system with the milk is to be commended, thanks guys.

Don’t forget about TUU’s discounted student movie tickets and Coles shopping cards, the extra few dollars you save is much better in your pocket!

That’s it for now, lots coming up which you will see advertised around campus and not far away for all of you to have a break!