Creating a Club or Society

Had a look through the A-Z listings but couldn’t find any you liked? Why not start your own and create a new community of like-minded friends? There are more than 150 Clubs and Societies but there’s always room for more.

If you can get enough students together and complete the paperwork, you’ll be up and running in no time.

With the right people and determination, you can build a thriving community at the University that will create friendships and opportunities for life.

Step 1: Finding Members

Types of membership

Three types of membership exist; ‘Full Membership’, ‘Associate Membership’ and ‘Junior Membership’.

  • Any currently enrolled student at the University of Tasmania is able to be a full member of the Club or Society.
  • Associate members include any members 18 years or older who are not current students of the University of Tasmania, and
  • Junior members are any members 17 years or younger who are not students of the University of Tasmania.

The amount that you charge for membership should be dependent on the costs of your Club’s or Society’s activities.


Membership details

Make sure that your Club or Society has a detailed membership list including members’ names, UTAS student ID numbers, whether they are currently enrolled UTAS students, juniors or associate members, and at least one way of contacting them (eg. their email address).

Membership lists are important for the insurance that is provided by the TUU. If we do not have this information it will affect your ability to run events.

If you have members under 14 years of age then you will have to take out a separate insurance cover, as the TUU’s associate member insurance only covers members who are 14 – 80 years of age (some exclusions apply from 65-80 y.o.)


Minimum membership numbers

Your Club or Society will need to show that it has a minimum of 5 currently enrolled UTAS student members in order to be eligible for affiliation, however 15 currently enrolled UTAS student members will be required if the Club or Society wishes to apply for Council funding.

To be eligible for any funding from the Sports and Societies Council, you must be able to show that more than 50% of your membership is made up of currently enrolled UTAS students. To do this, remember to collect UTAS student ID numbers as students become members.  If your Club or Society cannot demonstrate that it meets this requirement, your Club or Society will not be eligible for grants via SSAF funding.

Check out Promoting your Club or Society for ideas about growing your membership.

Step 2: Elect your executive

Once you have members you will need to elect a Club or Society Executive to conduct the affairs of the Club or Society.  At least one student member must sit on this board, and no more than half of the Executive may be Associate Members.

We suggest that you elect at least the following office bearers:

  • President
  • Treasurer, and
  • Secretary

In addition, two members of the Club’s or Society’s executive committee must be nominated as delegates to attend meetings of the Sports and Societies Council.  One of these members is to be listed as the Delegate, and the other member to be listed as Alternative Delegate. A delegate’s role is to relay information gained from the Council meeting back to their society.

This will need to be done at your Annual General Meeting (AGM). You can find out more about that in Running Your Club or Society.

Step 3: Create your Constitution

A constitution is a formal document which creates your society, sets out the purpose and structure of the Club or Society, the roles of its office bearers, and so on. It’s not as hard as it might sound, and constitution templates are available here.

Remember that your Club’s and Society’s aims and objectives must be substantially different to existing affiliated Clubs or Societies and this must be set out in your constitution.

You will need to give the Clubs and Societies Officer an updated copy of the constitution when and if it is revised. If you wish to make a revision to your Constitution, this should take place at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

Step 4: Affiliate your Club or Society

In order to have access to TUU Society Council Grants, insurance, advertising space and voting rights you need to affiliate.  Follow these simple steps in order to affiliate.

  1. Fill in the Affiliation Form
  2. Attend a Council Meeting

Step 5: Register for an ABN

Every Club or Society must have an Australian Business Number (ABN). When your affiliation is approved by Council please see the Clubs and Societies Officer regarding obtaining ABN and specific instructions on how to apply.

To register for an ABN, apply on the Australian Government website,-Super-funds—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/

Remember that you need to list the TUU Clubs and Societies Officer as the authorised contact person. The Executive member who fills out the application must give their details as the Office Bearer of a Club/association.

Step 6: Set up a bank account

After your affiliation has been accepted by Council you need to set up a Commonwealth Bank account in the name of your Club or Society.

  • Collect an authority to operate a business account (A153) form from the Commonwealth Bank (Uni Branch).
  • The Clubs and Societies Officer (SSO) is required to write a letter to support the changeover and also sign the A153 form.
  • For the CSO to authorise the changeover, you must first provide a copy of your AGM minutes showing the new Executive voted in; and email the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the new executive bank signatories so they can be added to the letter.
  • Remember there must be at least two executive members as signatories on the bank account.
  • The bank letter must also be signed by your new Club or Society Executive President and the new bank signatories when collected.
  • Once the new signatories have filled in their details and signed the A153 and bank letter they all have to go to bank together and show their ID.
  • To make this process easier it is helpful to email the Clubs and Societies Officer with the names and addresses of each signatory a couple of days prior to when you intend to change the signatories, so that the changeover letter can be prepared and is ready for you to collect at an arranged time.
  • Your account must also have the Clubs and Societies Officer listed as an authorised person to open the bank account on the A153 bank form. This is required so that if your Club or Society is disaffiliated, the TUU can remove those funds and if needed, close the account. This is because, as an affiliated Club or Society the money in your Club or Society’s account belongs to the TUU.
  • Remember to use the TUU postal address. Bank statements must not be sent to private addresses. This causes problems when the executive members handover. All Clubs and Societies have pigeon holes near the elevators in the TUU Building in Sandy Bay, and upstairs in the TUU Building in Newnham, which you can collect from at any time during business hours.

Your Club or Society will be exempt from monthly bank account keeping fees with the university branch of the Commonwealth Bank, once you’ve handed in the appropriate letter from the Clubs and Societies Officer.

If you need help with setting up your Club or Society, contact the Clubs and Societies Officer.