Elected Reps – State Council

At the TUU, your rights and interests are represented by a group of elected representatives who are voted in every year by the student body.

State President – Braydon Broad

Hey everyone, my name is Braydon Broad and I am your State President for 2020.

This year my main priority is to work with you, your best friend, your ex – hell maybe even your goldfish to convince our university to abandon its support for the fossil fuel industry.

This is not to say I won’t have time for anything else. There’s a fair chance you’ll see me all over the place in the months to come. If you want to see something change at UTAS or you’ve got a problem you’re not sure how to solve, you can reach me at bjbroad@utas.edu.au or you can call me on 0429336920.

Yours sincerely,


Deputy President – Joel Philpott

Hello, my name is Joel Philpott and I am your Deputy President for 2020.

This year I’m looking forward to working collaboratively with students to ensure that student rights are upheld and protected. The TUU will aim to ensure that students receive the best university experience possible. In 2020 the TUU will be rolling out key campaigns on issues that students can get behind tackling issues such as climate change, mental health and cheaper rent for students.

Please do not hesitate in reaching out to me with any concern you may have by emailing joelp1@utas.edu.au.

Thank you for your time!

Campus President, North and Cradle Coast– Joji Kinivuwai

I am Joji Kinivuwai and I will be serving as your Campus President for 2020. I am studying Engineering at the AMC which I’ll be completing my final year. That means you will find me in the computer labs, at the bar complaining about my degree or at saltz getting the cheapest meal there is. So, feel free to join me in any of those fun activities. I am a simple person I see others struggle, I try my best to comfort them and I will always put your interest first. If you have any issues surrounding your study, well-being, your residence or you just need to talk to someone, definitely contact me at:

Phone: 0402681059

Email: Jojik0@utas.edu.au

Campus President, South – Sophie Crothers

Hey everybody! My name is Sophie Crothers and I am your Campus President – South for 2020.

I am extremely passionate about ensuring student voices are heard by the wider community, and this year I will be working with you to create real change in our day to day lives. Using my previous experiences with collaborating with the university, I will work to ensure the best outcomes for students whilst being independently driven.

If you haven’t yet, please join the TUU South Facebook group! I will be your Moderator this year, it is a brilliant place to find out about what’s happening on your campus, ask questions and get to know fellow students! Other than the Facebook group and main TUU page, you can get in touch with me about any concerns, queries or feedback regarding your experience as a student based in Hobart at sophiec7@utas.edu.au. I can’t wait to get to know you and help represent your voice in our University!

Talk soon,


Societies President – Gabrielle Carswell

To all students of UTAS, my name is Gabrielle Carswell. I am your Societies President for 2020.

I am passionate about building and maintaining students relationships and this year I will be endeavoring to help you get the best experience throughout your university career by helping you explore what TUU can offer.

You can get in touch with me about joining a society, starting a society or running events for your society throughout the year by contacting me through my email petac0@utas.edu.au.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sports President – Josh Rowlands

Hi everyone, my name is Josh Rowlands. I am your Sports President for 2020.

I am passionate about the UTAS sporting community and this year I will be focusing on 1) sports club development, 2) offering Tasmanian recreational experiences, 3) intercollege competitions and 4) connecting campuses through sport. These promises will help you explore and enjoy your time at UTAS whilst also enabling meaningful connections throughout your student life.

You can get in touch with me about joining a sports club, developing your sports club,  Sports Council and any ideas or questions you have relating to the sporting community at UTAS by emailing Joshua.rowlands@utas.edu.au or phoning 0401433394.



Elected Reps – Student Representative Council

Southern Region

Postgraduate Representative South – Rohan Puri

Environment Officer South – Bethany Becker

International Students Officer South – Maisha Jaleel

Women’s Officer South – Madeleine Webster

Queer Officer South – Lily Russell

Welfare Officer South – Timothy Lippis

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Officer South – Hannah McCleary

Disabilities Officer South – Casual Vacancy


Northern Region

International Students Officer North – Ratchata (Zac) Panyadong

Postgraduate Representative North – Danni Ding

Welfare Officer North – Rizza Poh Zulkarnaen

Environment Officer North – Cathereen Phua

Women’s Officer North – Joey Safitri

Aboriginal & Torres Strait  Islander Officer North – Casual Vacancy

Queer Officer North – Xavier Ling Wei

Disabilities Officer North – RickiLee Stickler


North West (Cradle Coast Campus)

Welfare Officer Cradle Coast – Miles Knapman

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Officer Cradle Coast – Tahana Radford

Postgraduate Representative Cradle Coast – Atifur Khan