Find The Right Blend

Creating a safe, fair and well university community

The Tasmania University Union is committed to the creation of a safe, fair and well university community. In advocating for such a community, in February 2019 we will be launching the ‘Find the Right Blend’ campaign.

The Tasmania University Union has developed the ‘Find the Right Blend’ campaign to open up a dialogue and encourage everyone who is part of our campus community to take a moment and consider how we can work together in creating a fair, safe and well university community over a cup of coffee.

We want to build a well informed university community with shared behavioural expectations.

This campaign is focussed on creating sustainable cultural change which focuses on three core areas, those are:

  • Safety
  • Fairness, and
  • Wellbeing

We believe there is a reinforced need to improve student understanding of the procedures and processes in place to support them in relation to safety, fairness and wellbeing within our university community and that is what this campaign aims to do.

Change, whether it is a national movement or within our community, is not just achieved by the famous, the politicians, or the activists – it is created by our community and our community is genuinely committed to driving change in collaboration with our university.