From Cradle Coast

Published 31 March 2016

Whats been happening at Cradle Coast?

Harmony day was celebrated with mountains of noodles in a  International Noodle dish, which was  prepared by Janez on the BBQ, this was a hit, albeit a few students still asked for Snags LOL.

Clinton from the  Doctors Rocksters hummed away a few tunes that were “harmony” related and even made up a unique Cradle Coast Campus Harmony day song- it was gold, (you had to be there).

Of course Easter  bunny couldn’t help “herself” and had a Easter egg Jar guessing comp…..the lucky winners were pumped when they picked up their eggs pre easter!!!

We are taking EOI on behalf of the Tenants Union of Tas who are going to hold a session on “Knowing your rights as a Renter”, we have a few names but would love some more.



Coming up TUU right alongside the SRC will be celebrating Earth day (April 20th), never know might even be a snag on the BBQ!

It’s great to see so many Students popping in and realising the value of the TUU, you don’t need a reason or issue to come in and say “Hi”,  we are here for YOU!

Bit sad that the cooler months are coming up, but hey TUU is still here to help you to provide that balance, and provide you with the fuzzy warmth!

Happy learning