We can make a difference for you.

We gather student feedback and take it directly to UTAS for answers and action. If you haven’t had success using the ‘proper’ channels, get in touch. We are elected by you to represent you.

For a limited time, we will be giving away Grocery Vouchers to random survey participants completing our COVID-19 special Vent Tent form.

You stand a good chance of winning a $25 Woolies voucher for your time!

For our third edition of the online Vent Tent we want to know more about how you are coping personally. The last few weeks have been challenging and we’ve scored some wins for you but we’d like to know if you’re doing okay. We’ll take your responses to the University’s Wellbeing and Counselling teams as well as figure out ways we can better represent you and help you stay mentally well.

Fill in the online form HERE and help us makes a difference!


Read more about our first online Vent Tent

You can read the final report from our first COVID-19 special online Vent Tent below. This report was presented to the University and was well received and contributed to the significant changes announced by the University shortly afterwards. You are being heard and together we can make collective change for all students by letting the University know what issues are most important to students.