Mount Nelson Award Winner 2017

Published 22 November 2017

Nursing student Amanda Mace wins $3000 Mount Nelson Award

Mount Nelson Award winner, Amanda Mace, stood out from a strong field of applicants this year. Amanda’s focus on adolescent sexual health and her genuine drive to empower adolescents to take control of their health and future through improved health literacy ultimately won over the Board of Trustees.  Trustee, Justin Cook, credits Amanda’s combination of passion, practical application and ability to make a positive impact on the community as the core reasons for her win.

The Mount Nelson Award was established by students, for students and aims to promote and develop excellence in the Higher Education sector. Unlike most awards in Tertiary Education that tend to recognise only academic achievement, the Mount Nelson Award is given in recognition of an individual’s potential to make a significant contribution to their chosen profession and a commitment to our community.

Speaking briefly before the award presentation, Amanda spoke of her own personal experience with teen pregnancy and how it helped mould her passion for adolescent sexual health issues. Amanda explained how confusing pregnancy can be for an adolescent, most of the information given to expecting mothers is aimed at adults and is often beyond the understanding of a 16 year old.

While accepting the Mount Nelson Award, Amanda spoke of her desire to improve the sexual health literacy of adolescents and explained how the current sexual health education curriculum is designed and presented to children from kindergarten to year 10 by the Ansell company (a condom manufacturer).

Looking to the future, Amanda hopes to continue to a PHD specializing in adolescent sexual health with the ultimate goal of developing programs that improve health literacy in adolescents and advance the current sexual health services offered within Tasmania.

Amanda plans to use the $3000 award to go toward study costs and the purchase of a new laptop.

Winner Amanda Mace and Mt Nelson Trustee Justin Cook