Tasmania University Union State Council

The Statewide Council is the body constituted to deal with student representation and activities.

This includes representing students in university decision-making processes and forums, developing and supporting student networks, assisting the university to consult with students, providing a voice for students to internal and external stakeholders, and represent student issues to the wider community.

The Statewide Council consists of

  • The Statewide President,
  • The General Secretary,
  • The Postgraduate President,
  • The three Campus Presidents (South, North, and Cradle Coast) and from 2014 both Societies and Sports club presidents
  • The Education President
  • The Sports President
  • The Societies President

For 2018 your state council representatives are

State President – Jessica Robinson
General Secretary –  Dan Probert
Postgraduate President  – Arno Dubois
Education President  – Dillon Ong
Campus President, Cradle Coast – Davina Smith
Campus President, North – Sean Kebbell
Campus President, South – Sharifah Syed Rohan
Societies President  – Morgan Read
Sports President – Ali Ghahremanlou

Meeting dates for 2018

    • Wednesday 10th January
    • Thursday 15th February
    • Wednesday 14th March
    • Wednesday 11th April
    • Tuesday 15th May
    • Wednesday 13th June
    • Wednesday 11th July
    • Wednesday 15th August
    • Wednesday 12th September
    • Wednesday 10th October
    • Wednesday 14th November


The meeting time will be 5:30 p.m and will take place in the following locations:

SB.AS25.L03.321 – XITR – SB TUU Boardroom 321

MR.AL09.L02.214 – CC.D214 Immersive Video Conf Rm

NH.AW22.L03.322 – XITR – NH CSD – Room 322 (NH.Z322)