Strategic Plan

The TUU is your independent collective for student driven change. As an organisation, we have undergone significant change this year, and your reps have been working hard to make sure the union is relevant, engaging and effective for you. This process started with a review of our Strategic Plan. The latest version looks like this:

TUU Strategic Plan 2020-2023


To be the independent voice of students at UTAS, effecting change through leadership and community building.


A future where the united voice of the student community enhance their university experience and the world around them.


We’ll work with you to make a difference We’ll help you get what you need from your university experience We’ll help you explore and enjoy your time at UTAS We’ll help you develop and grow We’ll create a vibrant and contemporary student representative union


We will:

  • Help our students take a lead on community action and volunteering, improving the positive impact students have on a locality or region;
  • Be proactive in fostering diversity and inclusion in all our activities;
  • Follow cooperative principles in developing and providing our services to students
We will:

  • Empower students to navigate university life and get the most out of it;
  • Make inspiring and fulfilling activities easy for students to find and do;
  • Help students build networks that provide a sense of belonging
We will:

  • Make it easy for students to get to know the place in which they live and study;
  • Help students connect in meaningful and active ways with place, community and opportunities;
  • Help students develop a social life that is fun and nurturing
We will:

  • Build our capacity to respond effectively with advice and counselling to support students with their wellbeing;
  • Create and develop a pipeline of strong student leaders;
  • Develop interesting and relevant internship and part-time opportunities
We will:

  • Develop our people and presence across all parts of the university;
  • Upgrade our digital capacity to deliver services more efficiently;
  • Get to know our students well, so we can promote their collective voices and ensure their needs are met


  • UTAS students agree that the TUU has supported them to feel more included
  • UTAS students agree the TUU has supported students to take positive action & made sustainable change
  • UTAS students agree that the TUU represent them effectively
  • UTAS students agree that the TUU communicates well on matters that are important to them
  • UTAS Students agree that the TUU has connected them to people, place, community and opportunities
  • UTAS students agree that the TUU has helped them get the most from their university experience
  • TUU Student leaders inc. State Council, SRC and Societies leaders agree that their experience with the TUU has made them more employable
  • TUU Student leaders & other students agree that working for or with the TUU has been an enjoyable experience
  • UTAS students are aware of and understand the role of the TUU in supporting & empowering students
  • TUU team members (elected student & career) are happy at work