TUU Society Awards 2019

Published 10 October 2019

Congratulations to all the winners!


University Staff Club

Wednesday 9th October 2019 at 5:30pm

Preston Tsamassiros, 2019 Societies Council Vice-President

Acknowledgement of Country nipaluna/Hobart

As a reflection of this institution’s recognition of the deep history and culture of this island, the Tasmania University Union wishes to acknowledge the muwinina (mou wee nee nar) and palawa (pal-a-wa) peoples, the traditional owners and custodians of the land upon which this campus was built; and pay respect to elders past, present and emerging.

The Societies Council Awards are in recognition of the hard work societies put in throughout the year and tonight is an opportunity for us to celebrate and acknowledge the diverse array of accomplishments our societies have achieved and contributed towards enhancing uni life here at the University of Tasmania.

Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at university. They cover a wide range of interests, including educational, cultural, faculty based, and hobby based. One of the most important factors about having Societies is to help create an avenue for students to find their ‘community’ whilst they study at UTAS.

There are currently 115 Tasmania University Union affiliated societies based on Hobart, Launceston, Cradle Coast and Rozelle campuses and thousands of students were engaged throughout the year in the numerous events and activities that our societies organised and ran for university students and the wider community.

I’d like to also acknowledge the TUU staff and their assistance with hire store bookings which is a massive job keeping control of all the borrowed & returned hire store items & Vicki assisting with the venue hire/stall bookings and making life a little easier for societies in that area. Big thanks to James for awesome slideshow. Thanks to the Societies Council executive, Gabby, Charlotte and TK for all the hours we put in deliberating over 232 grant applications. Thanks to the Societies Award committee including Vivi Perry.

We received a high standard of applications this year and in some instances, it was extremely difficult for the Societies Council Awards Committee to select a winner in certain categories. See below for the full list of winners

Constituent Society of the Year

A constituent society serves the interests of a defined group of members, though it may offer benefits to people outside its target group.


Cultural Society of the Year

A cultural society serves the interests of students who share a particular national or religious culture and/or promote the understanding and acceptance of particular national or religious cultures amongst the wider university community

This year the Cultural Society of the Year is awarded to:


Interest Based Society of the Year

An interest-based society has been formed for the purpose of engaging in and promoting a particular interest, though not all of its activities must be dedicated to that interest

This year the Interest Based Society of the Year is awarded to:


And an Honourable mention going to the Pen and Paper Roleplaying Society 

Community Based Society of the Year

A community-based society has been formed for the purpose of making improvements and building connections in the wider community, independent of any particular constituent base, cultural group, or single interest

This year the Community Based Society of the Year is awarded to:


Academic Award

This is awarded to a Society for an initiative or event that demonstrates

  • primarily academic objectives – e.g. book sale, study club, guest speaker;
  • significant progress towards achieving its academic objectives;
  • high participation or distribution (relative to target audience);
  • excellent management,
  • and uniqueness, tradition and/or wide appeal.

This year the Academic Award is awarded to:


And an Honourable mention going to the Law Society 

Environmental Award

This is awarded to a Society for an initiative or event that demonstrates

  • concern for environmental sustainability, whether as a major or minor objective of the initiative or event – e.g. environmental awareness campaign, implemented recycling at barrels;
  • appropriate attention to the environmental impact of materials (source, and waste management) involved in the event or initiative,
  • and any other benefits for environmental sustainability

This year the Environmental Award is awarded to:

ENGINEERING SOCIETY (for Laneway – Music and Arts Festival)

Engi implemented organic waste bins and signage into their event this year in addition to their recycling bins used previously. They also coordinated with each of the food stalls to ensure their packaging was organically disposable.

Best Promotional Material

This is awarded to a Society for a piece of promotional material that has

  • high production values;
  • innovative or fresh ideas;
  • wide distribution (relative to target audience),
  • and achieved its purpose
  • A piece of promotional material might be a poster, a sticker, a newsletter, a website, a Facebook page etc…

This year the Best Promotional Material is awarded to:

PEN AND PAPER ROLEPLAYING SOCIETY (Dragon mural in the tunnel)

Best Collaboration

This is awarded to a group of two or more TUU-affiliated Societies that has run an event or other initiative in conjunction with one another (and any other community groups); demonstrating

  • strong organisational skills;
  • innovative or fresh ideas;
  • effective promotion;
  • inclusive and high participation (relative to target group),
  • and why the same outcomes would not have been achieved by a single Society working alone.

This year the Best Collaboration is awarded to:


Most Improved Society

This is awarded to a Society that has substantially improved across the following criteria, compared to the previous year(s); demonstrating:

  • progress towards the Society’s aims;
  • care towards administrative tasks;
  • a wider range of better organised activities that are appealing to its target group;
  • higher participation in its activities (relative to its target group);
  • better designed publicity across a range of mediums;
  • development of fresh and innovative ideas and activities;
  • growth and maintenance of its membership;
  • consistent improvement;
  • more benefits for the Society’s constituents and official members,
  • and a positive contribution to student life.


And an Honourable mention going to the Geology Society 


Best New Society

To be awarded to a Society that was first affiliated to the TUU Societies Council in 2019. This year we saw quite a few new societies formed.

Best New Society is awarded to:


And an Honourable mention going to the Student Outdoor Society at Rozelle

Achievement of the Year

This is awarded to a Society that has:

  • overcome substantial hardship in order to be successful


  • successfully developed a concept, event or initiative that was unique, massive and/or highly acclaimed

This year the Achievement of the Year is awarded to:


TUU Community Event of the Year

VIETNAMESE SOCIETY for Friday Live Music Night 2019 – The Vietnamese Society Show

This 3-hour event included 17 performances with 270 attendees. Promotion of the event reached an audience of 2,500 people, with the music events posted on Facebook generating 18,000 views. The event received overwhelming feedback from the community.

And a special mention to the Chinese Student Association in Launceston for their Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration which saw a great turnout of students who enjoyed great food and entertainment on the night.

Society of the Year Over 100 members


Society of the Year Under 100 members


And a special mention going to Community Engagement Tasmania (COMET) and Student Legal Service



. Gold Awards

This is awarded to deserving individual members of Societies’ organising committees, who, regardless of the collective performance of their Society, demonstrate:

  • outstanding dedication to their society;
  • performance above and beyond what might normally be expected from a person in their position;
  • consistent hard work, and support for other committee members,
  • and a consistently positive attitude towards the Society’s committee and members

This year Gold Awards go to:    

Rhys Gray – Pen and Paper Roleplaying Society
Silvia Catozzi and Aleksandra Koreshkova from Salsa Dance Society
Anna Di Carlo – Community Engagement Tasmania Society
Wenhui Wu, Lanxin Chen and Yifei Sun  from Chinese Students Association Launceston
Lachlan Dick and Bonnie Ferguson – Geology Club
Lam Phuong Le, Linh My Truong and Min Ho from Vietnamese Society
Nathaniel Young – Student Surveyors Society
Mohd Syaifulzafni Abdul Aziz & Ismail Khan Mohammed from Muslim Society
Emma Skalicky and Benedicta McGeown from PLOT Society
Siyuan Gu – Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Tegan Saunders and Brooke Jones from Justice Society
Andrew Ho, Timothy Chan and Jenny Pang from Alternative Music Platform Society
Natasha Perry,  Aleisha Andresen and Jibril Khalid from Law Society
Brandon Liau, Hannah Israel and Ratchata Panyadong from Business and Economics Student Society of Tasmania Launceston
Christina Zhao – Language Cuisine Society
Caleb Cooper and Nick Hniat from Engineering Society
Aruna de Silva, Julia Wulf-Rhodes and Xiaohong (Elaine) Meng from Business and Economics Society (TUBES)
Harrison Fawcett, Phoebe McCulloch and Natasha Perry from Student Legal Service
Elif Stoneman, Claire Whiteway and Alannah Gall from RUSTICA Society
Eaden Hardy-Munro from Medical Research Students’ Society
Mathew Hutchins-Reed, Noelle Halbheer & Reuben Morrison-Greet from the Student Outdoor Society in Rozelle

Staff Awards

These are in recognition of a staff member who has given exceptional assistance or service to a Society, who has gone over and above helping a society to succeed this year:


This year Staff Awards go to:

Charlotte Hunn – assistance to Community Engagement Tasmania (COMET) – would Anna like to accept award on Charlotte’s behalf?

Cao Minh Nguyen assistance to the Vietnamese Society – would Lam Le like to accept award on Cao Minh’s behalf?

Danielle Stokes – assistance to the Engineering Society would Caleb like to accept award on Danielle’s behalf?

Geoffrey Rickards – assistance to the Student Outdoor Society – Rozelle – could not be here this evening

Congratulations to all the award winners and the hard work put in by all the societies throughout this year and we look forward to seeing even more fantastic events in 2020.