Venue Hire Restrictions

Published 2 weeks ago

Suspension of venue hire on all campuses

Suspension of venue hire to Centrally Managed Learning Spaces will continue for the forseeable future, across all campuses and sites for both internal and external venue hire requests.

This allows flexibility to prioritise teaching and learning activities, to effectively manage the safe return of students who need to be on campus to participate in learning activities.

Temporary building closure remain in place. This restricts the number of venues available which can safely accomodate groups of people.

The University of Tasmania will be review this in late November 2020

If your Club or Society wishes to meet off campus, please follow the Tasmanian Government rules for gatherings.

The number of people permitted at businesses/activities (other than households) is now determined by the density of the area, up to a maximum of:

  • 250 people for an undivided space in an indoor premises; and
  • 500 people in an undivided space outdoors.

Maximum density limit is one person per 2 square metres.

Where the number of people permitted according to the density limit is less than the gathering limit, the lower number applies.

For more information, including exclusions, go to Business restrictions.