Are you eligible to participate in the TUU Student Representative Elections?

Participation could be:

  • As a candidate or nominee – You would like to nominate for a position on a Council
  • As a nominator – You are going  to endorse a candidate on their nomination form
  • As a voter – You are going to vote in this election

You must comply with the University of Tasmania Rule 3 Admission and Student Progress clause 3.4.1

A valid enrolment requires that –

(a) the student has been admitted to a course or has enrolled in a unit or units of a course; and

(b) the enrolment in a unit or units, if relevant, has been approved by the relevant dean or head of school ; and

(c) where relevant the student has fulfilled their obligations under the Higher Education Support Act 2003; and

(d) where relevant the student’s enrolment complies with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000; and

(e) the student has paid any applicable fees; and

(f) the student has not withdrawn from a course or unit by the specified census date.

Please Read

The conditions above are fairly straight forward however please pay special attention to Clause (e) The student has paid any applicable fees.

This can include, but not limited to any outstanding:

  • SSAF fees.  Have you paid them or made arrangement to defer them?
  • Library Fines. Overdue penalties?
  • Student Accommodation.  Rental arrears in University managed accommodation.

Check to see if you have any outstanding debts with the University

You can do this by logging in to your e student portal, select SANCTIONS from the left hand menu, this is where they will be listed.

Can’t find it or disputing the result?  Contact the Student Centre 1300 361 928 or email Student Centre

Region of enrolment

You may not be eligible to nominate or vote in your preferred council election, if you are registered in a different region.

For example: 

  • You cannot nominate for a position on SRC South, if your enrolment is based in Launceston
  • You cannot vote in the SRC Cradle Coast election, if your enrol is based in either Hobart or Launceston

To check in which region you are enroled, log on to your e student, click on your study plan, your course unit will have the location of your enrolment


Can’t find it or disputing the result?  Contact the Student Centre 1300 361 928 or email Student Centre